Mic Helms is the Managing Director of Maven Enterprises.

He is a Certified Business Development Coach, a published author, a contributing writer for The Six-Figure Coach Magazine, and a philanthropist with decades of expertise in developing business operations, business management, strategic planning, marketing and advertising, and turning lackluster teams into highly functional power-houses.

Mic focuses on helping small and medium-sized business owners achieve their three primary goals: More Time, More Money, and More Freedom. Over the past twenty years he has worked with industries that include professional services, retail, education, technology, and healthcare.

Truly a master craftsman, Mic loves seeing business owners intently focused… bringing real value and happiness to the community – instead of being pulled in hundreds of different directions, bogged down by the daily grind, with progress and innovation nearly impossible. He knows how to overcome distractions that plague business development and gets results in the areas that matter most.

Mic teaches business owners how to solve frustrating problems that interfere with delivering the value they intended when they started their business. He shows owners how to transform their business by creating loyal customers that will beat down doors to buy from them – irregardless of price. And he helps design and implement bullet-proof operations that function properly and efficiently without the business owner always having to jump in to avert disaster – so they can finally relax!

Helping owners build and run businesses that don’t consume their entire life has been Mic’s vision from the very beginning.

In January 2019, Mic published his highly acclaimed book: Rapid Revenue – How I uncover $10K in 45 minutes for any business.

He is presently authoring two more books and writes business development articles for The Six-Figure Coach Magazine. As a Certified Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, he is actively working towards a Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming certification.


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